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Why Acupuncture?

Outline drawing of baby feet supported in the palm of a hand

Fertility & IVF Support

Struggling to conceive can be stressful and heartbreaking, so whether you are undergoing assisted reproductive treatment or seeking  alternatives to enhance natural fertility, acupuncture can support your journey by reducing stress and anxiety and optimising menstrual health.

Outline drawing of a pregnant lady in profile

Pregnancy Support

Acupuncture is completely safe during pregnancy and helps to overcome a wide range of issues such as morning sickness,  heartburn, back pain and tiredness. Acupuncture is often used to help turn breech babies!

Outline drawing of uterus

Women's Health

Acupuncture can play an important role in menstrual health.  It can transform heavy, light, irregular or painful periods, as well as relieving menopausal symptoms such as hot flushes and brain fog. It is also an excellent support for women with PCOS and endometriosis.   

Outline drawing of 12 joints in pain

Aches & Pains

Acupuncture effectively relieves pain, reduces inflammation and relaxes tight muscles.  

Headaches/migraines,  musculoskeletal pain and conditions such as IBS and fibromyalgia can all be managed with acupuncture.

Outline drawing of woman's face in abstract
Outline drawing of person with an erratic mind (depicted by scribbles)

Cosmetic Acupuncture

Emotional Health & Wellbeing

Cosmetic acupuncture is a natural effective treatment which aims to reduce fine lines and brighten skin tone giving you a healthy glow.

Treatment stimulates cells that lie deep within the dermis layer, resulting in the production of new collagen that plumps and smooths wrinkles.

Cosmetic acupuncture can also be used to treat scars and lift hyper-pigmentation. 

If you have been suffering from low mood, anxiety, stress, insomnia, PTSD or just feeling out-of-sorts, acupuncture can help to balance emotions and improve sleep quality.   

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